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Al Nahada Facilities Management Services LLC

Al Nahda is a customer-focused, output-driven, integrated facility management company with a proven track record of delivering tangible value to customers.

Al Nahda consistently goes above and beyond its duty to support its customers through improved performance, efficiency, and quality. It has built a reputation for helping customers increase the value of their buildings. Furthermore, the team helps clients minimise their negative environmental impact through reliable services.

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Smart Technology

By harnessing the power of IoT, AI and big data, We are degitalizing our Business.

We Serve All Emirates

We deliver the most ennovative facilities management solutions in all Emirates.

Innovative FM Solutions.

Driven by innovation, we are constantly identifying and implementing new initiatives across our business.


Ensuring costomer service, efficiencies in time and processes enabling Clients to concentrate on its core businesses.

Sustainability In Our DNA

Farnek's sustainability strategy encopasses all areas of energy strategy ecompasses all areas of energy saving, carbon reduction and offset, waste management consultancy.


We are committed to delivering fast, effective solutions that exceed expectations through all collaborative partnerships with our clients.

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