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Facility management is one of the key element to regulate the economy condition of the industry. They carry the peak importance. The role played and the responsibility of the facility management varies based on the work structure. Identifying and assigning the respective facility role to the right person determines the economic wealth of the company. Facilities management is of two types which are operational and strategic. Operational facility services refer to internal maintenance of the units like planning, rectifying, infrastructure, etc. strategic facilities refers to the view of future enhancements.

The manager should consider various factors and decide on the changes to establish the business in a more efficient way. The operational facility management can have their in-house facility services or can also be outsourced. As the operations are more visible care should be taken to conduct the operations in a more systematic way.

Facilities management in Al Nahda is a highly competitive segment and is offered by several large firms as well as small establishments seeking to take advantage of the growing real-estate segment. Facilities management is associated with the management of complexes, office blocks, schools, arenas and convention centres. Facilities management allows the company focus on its core areas and leave the day-to-day operations to a third party. Responsibilities in facilities management include fire safety, health and safety, security, operations management, tendering, commercial property management, business continuity planning, maintenance and testing and inspection, among others. It focuses on keeping costs down and maintaining assets and increasing their value.

Facilities management is a huge umbrella that has numerous services under it that includes soft facility management services like waste management, cleaning services, painting and decorating, winter gritting, commercial catering etc. Listed are the leading facility management service providers in Middle East. Their support services extend to protective coating and linings to extend the life of the assets or property both internally and externally. They handle all the MEP works apart from forecourt services for the forecourt owners. Facility management companies handling hard services include heating services like correcting the repaired heaters, installation and maintenance. Lighting of the commercial and residential places. plumbing works are the major services offered in the hard facility management services. Air-conditioning, fire safety, building maintenance, pest control are the major services offered by facility companies.